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Stinky Washing Machine?

We recieve more calls from our customers each year for the “stinky washer” problem. This is becoming more common because manufacturers add different features like, automatic soap dispensing tanks, steam cleaning, etc. The front load washers seal up tight, in order to not leak water out of the door while in use. But this creates the perfect environment for MOLD & MILDEW to collect and grow, because it is dark and damp, and it receives little fresh air flow. 
So we’d like to show our customers the best way to maintain a cleaner washer in order to help get the best performance from their machine. Tide Washing Machine Cleaner work wonders, when using this method.

Step One: Remove all clothing and soap from the washer, and pour the powder mixture directly into the tub.
Step Two: Set the washer to the highest water level, with the hottest temp setting. Choose the normal wash cycle. (Some newer models are equipt with a clean cycle, use that if so). Start the washer and allow it to fill until it begins agitating. Then pause the cycle.
Step Three: Allow the washer the sit on pause for 20-30 minutes while the powder mixture dissolves and starts attacking all the bacteria. After you’ve waited for 20-30 minutes, resume the cycle and allow it to finish.   
Step Four: Your washer should now have a much more pleasant odor! Now be sure to leave the door cracked on the washer to allow it to air out when not in use. We like to have our customers just leave a towel or rag draped over the door so it cannot accidentally close.

We hope this tip helps you guys!
Remember to do this every 3-4 months to ensure the best results year round!