Heater Problems?

It’s an easy thing to forget about maintaining your heating and air conditioning system. But it could really save you some serious cash and headache to have it checked out every year or so. This customer had us by to look at the heater before they fired it up for the season and what we found was a potential failure. The igniter is a critical part of the heating system and when it’s worn or bad, you will get no operation from the system and it could potentially cause a fire because of gas that is expelled each time it tries to start up. So not only did we find the potential cause of failure, but they saved over $100 having it fixed during our check up as opposed to calling us out when it had failed and paying the full rates. We offer this discount to our clients when we are already out looking over the system because we believe you deserve it when you’re being a smart homeowner. Schedule your check up today and get rid of the headache to come.  



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